Single cell sequencing

The iGenSeq platform of the Brain Institute at Paris offers the sequencing de single cell, which allows usanalysis ADN, RNA, and epigenome, at the scale of a single cell, thanks to the optimization of our next-generation sequencing technologies.

 Chromium (10X Genomics)

iGenSeq acquired the system Chromium by 10X Genomics , which allows analysis of transcriptomic or epigenomic content at the single cell scale. This method makes it possible to determine for example heterogeneity of a tissue, i.e. its composition in different cell types, or to study the state of differentiation of a cell, or to identify cell types rares.

The technology of Chromium based on encapsulation of each cell in a lipid droplet (creation of an emulsion), allowing to add a unique identifier to each cell, called Cell Barcodes.

Single Cell Gene Expression - 10X Genomics

In addition, each transcript of a cell is marked with a molecular identifier called UMI. The single cell transcriptome therefore makes it possible to have a high resolution description of the contents of a cell. In comparison to whole tissue sequencing, the information provided byidentification of each cell allows them to be analyzed individually and compared.

The platform thus provides data analyzed by the tool Cell Ranger (10X Genomics), which allows you to view clusters cells, classified according to their expressed genetic material.

Several applications are possible with the Chromium : whole cell or nucleus sequencing, ATAC-Seq… The technology consists of sequencing the 3 'end of mRNAs.

The iGenSeq platform supports your suspended cell samples, performs encapsulation and barcoding, then library preparation, sequencing and primary data analysis.

Sequencing Technical Quantity Volume Quality controls to be done by the customer
Single cells Single cell gene expression (10X Genomics) 1000-20000 cells * 43,2 µl Cell counting

Cellular viability: 70% minimum

* Quantity of input cells, to have 500 to 10 cells analyzed.

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